Join us at as we host the Mount Washington Valley VRC Qualifier 
Trailer for the upcoming  event November 15th 2014.

MWV FIRST is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping young people discover and develop a passion for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) by providing opportunities for students to see how these topics can translate into real world applications and post graduate opportunities, and to help them recognize the value of “thinking scientifically.”

How We Accomplish Our Objectives

  • Through collaboration with school districts, teachers, parents, mentors, interested businesses, and the students themselves
    • Work closely with Career & Tech Center Computer Science instructor to coordinate classroom instruction with needs of the VEX robotics competitions
    • Work closely with Kennett High School to host several regional robotics competitions in the gymnasium
    • Find internships with local businesses for students interested in doing technical work
  • Through training and mentoring interested school teachers, adult coaches, and students, and supporting and enhancing the curriculum and skill of educators in Mount Washington Valley
    • Organize training sessions for local teachers and adult coaches who want to establish robotics clubs or other science-oriented clubs
    • Work with school teachers to coordinate their classroom work to build from a base in the lower grades continuously toward a compatible higher level in the upper grades.
  • Through fundraising and advocacy in the community
    • Solicit and raise money from individuals
    • Obtain grants from area businesses (e.g., HEB Engineering, Time Warner Cable)
    • Work with Project Succeed to obtain robotics kits for deployment in elementary and middle schools
  • Through communication with local businesses, organizations, and individuals who wish to help
    • Write articles in local newspapers highlighting STEM activities
    • Maintain MWVFirst.org website
    • Make presentations to local business organizations (e.g., Rotary, Kiwanis, MWVEC)
  • Through competitions and demonstrations by students to showcase their project-level achievements. Well-designed competitions allow students to gain self-confidence, develop strong people- and life-skills, make new friends, win recognition, and perhaps discover an unforeseen career path. Examples are:
    • MWV Regional Science Fair
    • VEX Robotics Competitions